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My first post

So this first post is just to document the setting up of this website.

The site was built using Publish, a Swift-based static website generator, written by John Sundell. At some point I'd like to work up to setting up something a bit more dynamic using something like Vapor, but we're a ways away from that.

To guide me through the setup of the site using Publish, I worked along with Kilo Loco's tutorial (yeah, it's full of shitty ads, and I'm sorry for that, but the guy does deserve to get paid a bit for his efforts, I suppose). This was pretty necessary as Publish itself has some pretty shitty documentation. You'd think Sundell would put a few articles on his site serving as tutorials and documentation for the software, but who am I to judge? Oh yeah, I'm a user. Of course I'm getting what I paid for here.

OK. First issue of note: Apparently you are required to name the CSS file used for your site styles.css. Publish (at least at first blush) offers no way to use a different name. This strikes me as silly, I wonder if there's a reason.

It looks as though it is copying the entire contents of the resources directory into the output Resources directory, but the filename styles.css is hardcoded somewhere. I'll have to try and track it down.

So, thus far this all seems like hella overkill for simple websites. I'll have to play with it a bit more to see what can be done for pages other than simple blogs. I'll also keep an eye out for other tutorials that move a bit beyone KL's. It was good for a first steps one, but there's a ton of grount left to cover.

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